Stone Kitchen Counter Tops

Important Information about Stone Kitchen Counter Tops

Stone kitchen counter tops add plenty of style and functionality to home kitchens. For this reason, they are definitely popular choices with an array of consumers from all walks of life, interested in home improvement and renovations. To fill the needs of a variety of consumers, stone kitchen counter top manufacturers offer an array of styles at an assortment of price points.

To help you get the inside scoop on stone kitchen counter tops, we’ve created a detailed guideline. Our guide is designed to help you decide which types of stone kitchen counter tops are best for your kitchen décor.

Should You Choose Engineered Stones?

If keeping your purchases environmentally-friendly is important to you, you’ll benefit from choosing kitchen counter tops made from engineered stone. However, the advantages of choosing engineered stone definitely do not stop there…

Before we talk about other advantages, you should know that engineered stone is a composite product which is crafted from crushed stones and man-made adhesives.

Popular examples of engineered stone materials include IceStone and Silestone – however, this just scratches the surface, as so many companies provide engineered stone options to their clients.

You’ll find that selecting engineered stone for your kitchen countertop gives you access to low-maintenance style and you’ll also access the sort of durability that you want and need. This hygienic form of stone is a great choice for kitchen countertops. Since the stone is engineered, you will find that it offers consistency in terms of its finish. In addition, it will resist heat, germs and mold.

These countertops may feel a little chilly to the touch and they can be slippery, too. However, most consumers don’t mind these minor drawbacks. Most engineered stone kitchen countertops are crafted from high concentrations of quartz, such a ninety-five percent stone.

Do You Prefer Natural Stones?

Quartz, marble and granite are examples of natural stones which are used to make kitchen countertops. If you love a truly natural look, you’ll find that choosing natural stones over engineered stones gives you the authentic beauty that you crave. Marble is probably the most expensive and elegant type of natural stone for kitchen countertops. However, there are more affordable options out there which also look wonderful, although they make lack the high-end, designer appeal of natural marble.

Natural stone is the real thing and this means that every natural stone kitchen countertop will be unique. Colors will vary on its surface in an individual way, based on the batch of stones which was used to make the countertop. The natural patterns and tones are probably the key benefit of going “natural”, as no two countertops will be the same and every home or condo owner will get something that is his or hers alone.

However, those who do prefer a very consistent look will probably do better with engineered stone.
Some types of natural stone are not appropriate for usage in the construction of kitchen countertops. For this reason, manufacturers stick with natural stones that are perfect for this particular application. In general, you’ll be able to choose from Slate, Soapstone, Marble, Limestone and Granite.

In Houston Granite countertops are probably the commonly-used, as it’s affordable and does look nice. However, Granite has a porous finish and may be more prone to staining than other forms of stone.

In addition, you should know that marble, while being extremely beautiful, can be damaged by acids which are utilized for cleaning countertops or for preparing meals. It’s important to know these things in advance, so that you may make a wise and informed decision as a consumer.

Natural stone for kitchen countertops will vary widely in terms of price. You may find engineered and natural stone options at online suppliers, local hardware stores and independent retailers.

Shopping around will be the key to getting a great price and a superior product. One tip is to check customer reviews before investing in an engineered stone or natural stone countertop. It’s better to know what other, real-life homeowners have to say about these products before you buy. In terms of comparing prices, it should be easy to gather pricing information online, even if you plan to buy right in your own community.

Hopefully, our guide has helped you to get the inside scoop on stone kitchen countertops.